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Stile & Rail Doors

West Central Mfg builds a high quality 14 ga. tubular Stile and Rail door. These doors are proof that you don't have to sacrifice design flexibility when selecting a heavy-duty stile and rail door. Our doors allow you to create the open and inviting full-vision entrance you want. While providing the functionality, security and long service life you require.

They're ideally suited for educational, institutional, commercial, or religious facility
entrances subjected to high traffic.

West Central constructs a true, tube-style, stile and rail door from 14-Ga. minimum steel.

  1. Welded continuously full height-ground and finished
  2. Edges beveled 1/8' in 2
  3. Voids filled with 6 lb./cu. ft. mineral wool insulation
  4. Face sheets-as specified;14-gauge minimum
  5. 12-Gauge clips as required
  6. Inverted top and bottom channels (unless dictated otherwise)
  7. Flush filler channel at Ext.
  8. Applied glass stop on secure side of door (Glass stop detail may vary due to glass thickness)