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Lead Lined Doors

These doors are designed to withstand radiation. These products are usually associated with the health care industry and the use of X-Rays, CAT scans, and MRI's.

The weight and thickness of lead-lined doors is determined by the thickness of the lead required to withstand specific levels of radiation.

Most doors and door frames are made with 1/8" or 1/16" thick lead. Consequently they weigh 200-300 pounds. West Central Manufacturing’s lead-lined doors are 1 3/4" thick and have the appearance of conventional hollow metal doors.

These products can be fire rated up to three hours. Lead is in the center of the door.

  • Door ribs: high hat style.
  • UL 20-minute Label without hose stream available.
  • 8'-0" x 8'-0" Max Pair
  • 1/16" or 1/8" Lead

Where lead thickness exceeds 3/16", doors are built 2” thick with a maximium of 3/8 lead. These doors cannot be fire rated.

Lead Thicknesses 1/16” thick 4 lb per square ft. and 1/8” 8 lb. per square ft.

Multiple layers are available up to 3/8