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Door and Frame Specifications in Word format

Door and Frame Specifications in PDF format

1.     GENERAL

1.1   Scope of work

The work required under this section shall consist of furnishing the
following items of custom hollow metal work as shown on architectural
drawings and as specified herein:
All hollow metal doors
All hollow metal frames
Special hollow metal (as indicated on plans)
Stainless steel as required
Hollow metal panels
Pass through windows
Louver frames

1.2   Work not included:

The following work is specified elsewhere and is not included in this
Hardware and its installation
Glass and glazing
Structural steel forming, or reinforcement
Field painting
Protection at the building site of items furnished under this section
Field assembly of spliced frames

1.3   Shop drawings

Six (6) copies of all necessary shop drawings shall be submitted to the
Architect for his/her approval. These drawings shall fully describe and locate
all items being furnished. Approved shop drawings shall constitute final
contract requirements, and no work shall be fabricated until the Architect has
approved shop drawings for that work.