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Specs Execution


3.1   Site Storage and Protection of Materials
A.    It shall be the responsibility of the general contractor to see that any
scratches or disfigurements caused by shipping or handling are promptly
cleaned and touched up with a rust inhibitive primer, and that materials
are properly stored on planks or dunnage, in a dry location, and covered to
protect them from damage.
B.    Doors shall have their wrappings or coverings removed upon delivery at
the building site and shall be stored in a vertical position, spaced by a
blocking to permit air circulation between them.

NOTE TO ARCHITECT: In that section of specifications where installation of the work
is specified, it should be required that:
  • Prior to installation, all frames must be checked and corrected for rack
    twist and out of square. Frames must reset true and plumb and remain in
    alignment until permanently built into the wall.
  • Proper door clearances must be maintained in accordance with part 2, section
    2.2 of the specifications for custom hollow metal doors and frames, except for
    special conditions otherwise noted. Where necessary, metal hinge shims are
    acceptable to maintain clearances. Hardware must be applied in accordance
    with hardware manufacturer templates and instructions.