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Welcome To The Entrance Of Quality

West Central Manufactures the finest of both Custom and Standard Hollow Metal. Just as with many other products, the term "custom", as applied to hollow metal doors and frames, denotes a product made to order, as opposed to one that is uniformly produced in quantity and stockpiled for sale. More importantly, it also implies a wide latitude in size, design, and careful attention to engineering details and manufacture, resulting in a superior product.

In respect to hollow metal work, however, "custom" does not necessarily imply premium cost, as it often does with other products. In general, the cost of custom hollow metal doors and frames is highly competitive. This is another reason why many architects specify custom work where design character, rugged construction, or quality workmanship is essential.

The main advantages of custom hollow metal are:

  1. Design freedom: If you can draw it we can most likely build it! The variety of door and frame designs available is limited only by the architect's ingenuity.
  2. Hardware options: There are no limitations as to types of hardware (hinges, pivots, door closers, etc.) that may be used in custom hollow metal doors
  3. Finishes: Finishes applied to all West Central products are thoroughly Phosphate cleaned and primed. Our Prime is compatible with most paints.


West Central Manufacturing understands when the turnaround in pricing, quotes, production and delivery for your hollow metal doors and products is too slow, the impact on the number of jobs, revenue and profit for your company can be significant.

Less down time and delay means more business for you.  That’s why West Central has the industry’s unique guaranteed lead time – upon receipt of your purchase order.  Your phone call will always be answered by a live hollow metal expert.  This is how the fast turnaround starts.

West Central Manufacturing also stands apart from our competition with design review and production expertise.  This reduces reorders and change orders – helping your bottom line.  This expertise helps us maintain a less than 1% error rate and also guarantees the quality of our work.


Our custom frames are created to your specifications with the highest standards of workmanship to ensure serviceability and longevity.
West Central Manufacturing doors are of the highest quality construction and materials with no visible seams. They are constructed for extra heavy-duty applications.
goinggreen We're dedicated to finding new ways, and continuing in our current ways, of being as green a manufacturer as we can be. Learn more here!