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West Central Mfg. is a proud member of NAAMM

    • (The National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers)
    • A subdivision of NAAMM is HMMA
    • (The Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association)
      • HMMA was established in 1969 and is a voluntary, non-profit business association comprised of over 60 member companies.
      • HMMA serves the industry by involving itself in and communicating the results of joint testing on fire doors and frames.
      • Generating a benchmark for hollow metal fire safety.
    • Everyone in the building industry benefits from the advanced methods developed and acquired by the HMMA.
    • NAAMM provides Technical specification manuals.
    • Also can access the on going results of the members standards and prototype testing efforts including fire safety.
    • When choosing Hollow Metal you get more than a durable, secure, and aesthetically pleasing product, but an entire industry that will stand behind you.


Attached in .pdf format available for reading or download is the entire NAAMM / HMMA Handbook.


Click to reach the table of contents for HMMA specifications in Word format. HMAA specifications are presented in Word so that users may download for use in developing custom bid documents.

Click to reach the table of contents of Technical Notes published by HMMA to clarify potential areas of misunderstanding, which may impact the proper installation and functioning of hollow metal doors and frames.

Our custom frames are created to your specifications with the highest standards of workmanship to ensure serviceability and longevity.
West Central Manufacturing doors are of the highest quality construction and materials with no visible seams. They are constructed for extra heavy-duty applications.
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