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About West Central Manufacturing

West Central Hollow Metal Manufacturing (WCM) is a 35,000 sq. ft. hollow metal fabrication facility located in Rapid City, South Dakota. The company began as the manufacturing component of North Central Supply (NCS) in 1967. NCS thrived for many years marketing manufactured hollow metal products directly to contractors to which they were also supplying other construction products and services. In 2004 NCS sold their manufacturing component and the new owners renamed the company to WCM. Keith Branson currently owns WCM.

WCM has been fortunate to retain many of its long-time craftsman and engineers with many having over twenty years of experience in the industry. This along with the vast array of welding procedures and CNC fabrication equipment gives us the tools, knowledge, and credentials to build a wide range of products, from standard offerings to complex custom safety and/or decorative products.

WCM works with a network of distributors throughout the United States. These distributors help WCM provide the service excellence we are known for and help improve and maintain our expectation of customer satisfaction.

West Central Hollow Metal is also proud of its working relationship with architects. Given the versatility that hollow metal products offer, architects have the freedom to design decorative projects that have historically included radius walls, round or shaped windows, and arched entrances to name a few. In addition to the limitless design options architects still achieve the strength, security, and longevity and serviceability that hollow metal has always offered.

West Central Hollow Metal Manufacturing looks forward to supplying hollow metal products to the construction industry for many years to come. To discuss how we can accommodate your hollow metal project needs please contact us.


West Central Manufacturing understands when the turnaround in pricing, quotes, production and delivery for your hollow metal doors and products is too slow, the impact on the number of jobs, revenue and profit for your company can be significant.

Less down time and delay means more business for you.  That’s why West Central has the industry’s unique guaranteed lead time – upon receipt of your purchase order.  Your phone call will always be answered by a live hollow metal expert.  This is how the fast turnaround starts.

West Central Manufacturing also stands apart from our competition with design review and production expertise.  This reduces reorders and change orders – helping your bottom line.  This expertise helps us maintain a less than 1% error rate and also guarantees the quality of our work.


West Central Manufacturing
910 E. Saint Andrew St.
Rapid City SD 57701


(605)718-9670 (Office)
(605)718-9458 (Fax)

Our custom frames are created to your specifications with the highest standards of workmanship to ensure serviceability and longevity.
West Central Manufacturing doors are of the highest quality construction and materials with no visible seams. They are constructed for extra heavy-duty applications.
goinggreen We're dedicated to finding new ways, and continuing in our current ways, of being as green a manufacturer as we can be. Learn more here!