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Request A Quote

West Central can provide quotes from most any format, be it another company’s form or a hand made list from a tablet off your desk.

You can also choose from the quote sheets available below, just print, fill out, and fax it in and we will call if we have questions.

We strive to be as easy as possible to work with.

Questions? Give us a call.

Phone: (605)718-9670
Toll-Free: 1-800-297-2738
Fax: (605)718-9458
Our custom frames are created to your specifications with the highest standards of workmanship to ensure serviceability and longevity.
West Central Manufacturing doors are of the highest quality construction and materials with no visible seams. They are constructed for extra heavy-duty applications.
goinggreen We're dedicated to finding new ways, and continuing in our current ways, of being as green a manufacturer as we can be. Learn more here!